Lane Rates
First shooter on lane


Additional shooters on lane (max 3 per lane) $10
Active Duty or Law Enforcement $10
ASC Members FREE
Rental Firearms (must use ASC ammo) $10+ammo

Range Ammunition
Caliber Price/50rds
.380 $18
.38spl $18
.9mm $18
.40 $20
.45 $22
.44mag $25
Last shooter is admitted in the firing range at 6:30pm daily!


American Shooting Center features a 25-yard indoor shooting range. It can accomodate handguns, rifles, and shotguns. It is well ventilated and has 14 lanes that each have an independant, full-length target retracter allowing the shooter to choose their target distance from 5 yards to 25 yards! There are rifle racks available to keep your rifles or shotguns safe when not in use, and a rear bench to place your gear while you shoot.

Rules and Regulations

We are a public range with a family-friendly environment. For the safety and enjoyment of all shooters at ASC please take the time to read through some mandatory regulations below:

  • There is a 3 people maximum per lane limit and there needs to be at least one experienced shooter per lane.
  • All shooters need to have a valid, government issued form of photo ID.
  • Eye and ear protection is always required on the range. (we provide it at no charge for use on the range if needed)
  • Rifles 30-06 and smaller are allowed but no steel ammunition of any kind is permitted on the range, no exceptions! (Wolf brand or TulAmmo are some examples of steel cased or steel cored ammunition which will not be permitted - if it sticks to a magnet it cannot be used on the range)
  • Shotguns are required to have shoulder stocks; no pistol grip-only shotguns.
  • Any shooters who are under 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parent, or be accompanied by an adult (must be over 21) with a completed Minor's Consent Form
  • All firearms brought into our facility MUST be cased or covered. (on-duty law enforcement excepted)

  • Firearm Rental Requirements

    • To rent a firearm at ASC you must have one of the following: a gun of your own, have a second person with you, or have an ASC membership
    • Must have experience or be accompanied by someone who has experience with the firearm to be rented
    • To rent a pistol you must be 21 or older, with ID
    • To rent a long gun you must be 18 or older, with ID