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"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

- Mark Twain

To our friends and customers;

I thought this quote was appropriate, since several similar statements have come forward in discussing the current status of American Shooting Center, Inc.

The truth be told, we are relocating, nothing more and a little bit less. In all my years in and around the firearms industry, I have never seen the nationwide sales so low. Now we all can whine and look for excuses as to the slowdown, but the bottom line is that the current economics are not in favor of the firearm industry.

Face it, when looking for a bank as a partner the firearms retailer might as well be a snake oil retail outlet. Another issue with this industry, is that we eat our own. Store owners, range owners, customers and employees need to remember the golden rule. We all generally share the same products and the same customers.

The only real difference between retail stores is customer service. If you treat the customer well they will be back, if not they will quickly become your competitors customer. Included in this process is the fake blogging, facebook reports, and all the Yelp misinformation that will flood cyberspace in a nanosecond.

Back to the topic, we have relocated to the El Cajon area. I am hesitant to include an address at this time since we will not be operational until the change of address has been approved by all the federal and state regulatory officials.

We should be stocking shelves in the next week to 10 days, and will be looking forward seeing old friends and making new friends and customers.

Let me close by addressing some of the rumors that are circulating.

No, we were not shut down by any enforcement regulatory agency.

No, we were not forced out by any “competition”. To the contrary, I suspect you may be seeing others ‘downsizing’ in the near future.

After 19 years in the same location it was a difficult decision, but a necessary decision based on economics of the industry, and the costs of doing what we do in a State that has a reputation for not being a welcoming beacon to small business, or big business for that matter.

If you had a firearm on consignment, we still have it. If you had a new purchase and didn’t pick it up when we contacted you, you will have to DROS again and wait the customary 10 day waiting period.

And to answer the most discussed question, yes the coffee will be on, and it is free!!!

Keep watching for updates, HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!


Marc Halcon

And staff….ASC, Inc.

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